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Punjab Citizen Relations Bureau

Citizen Relationship Management – Proactively Engaging Citizens in Public Governance

Last year, I had put together an outline for a proactive model to engage citizens for public governance using information technology while ensuring the model doesn’t ruffle too many feathers in the pragmatic public administration that generally loves status quo.  The presentation, linked below from this article, was put together at the request of senior […]

punjab internship vision

Proposal for Effective Implementation of Punjab Internships Program

I made the following presentation to the Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif for effective implementation of the Internships program the government had announced earlier. The program is to be implemented with a budget of PKR 1.5 Billion or USD 16 Million to provide the youth of the province with an opportunity to intern […]

Khurram Zafar and other entrepreneurs meeting with Chief Minister of Punjab

Promoting Technology Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Yesterday I helped organize a “Meet & Greet” event with the Chief Minister of Punjab for technology entrepreneurs primarily based out of Lahore. Most of the entrepreneurs were young leaders of small startups in the web and mobile application and games development space. A few of the seasoned tech entrepreneurs participated also.